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    Question COBRA cancelled my insurance w/out any notice?

    Does anyone know if COBRA can cancel my insurance w/out ANY notice? Apparently, even though I DID send my June-July payment in on time, it somehow didn't reach them. So, since they sent me nothing I continued to pay for the next two months unaware that anything had changed. Those payments were processed. I went to the doctor recently and found out from my doctor's office that my insurance had been cancelled. Is this legal? Can they cancel my insurance w/out any sort of notification?? Any advice would be appreciated!

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    COBRA is a law and/or a continuation of insurance coverage, not an agency. So no, COBRA cannot cancel your insurance at all. Quite possibly your COBRA administrator can, though.

    Yes, they can cancel your insurance without any notification at all. Once you've received the initial notification and signed up for COBRA, they have NO legal obligation WHATSOEVER to send you any notices or invoices or warnings of impending cancellation. That is statutory. It is 100% your responsibility to not only send in the notices on time, but to ensure they are received. If you didn't notice that the checks had not been cashed, that's not their problem.

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    Did you "notice" that your payment you sent for June-July never got cashed?

    You mention that the two following payments "got processed"....You need to explain what you mean by that. Did your coverage lapse? or was it cancelled?

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