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    5150 and Employment Screening


    I got a 5150 recently and have a question. For those who might not know, 5150 is the California legal number for getting an involuntary 72 hour hold because you are deemed a risk to self or others. In my case I got drunk and called some people saying I was sick of life, wanted to die etc. I am not blameless as I have been on a downward spiral, and my behavior/comments alarmed those that cared about me. In any case, I am better, hitting up my sponsor and AA and being offered a job and housing. However, this job is at a place where I have lots of friends, including one (well she is more of an aquaintence) that will be doing the background check. Whether or not it is supposed to remain private, if that 5150 shows up on the background check it will spread throughout the workplace, then outside the place and into my private life. My question is; does it show up on a background check? The place is not any sort of government agency, it is a private business doing a normal, though reportedly thorough background check. Please and thank you.

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    It can. That does not necessarily mean it will.

    A background check for employment is not a static thing that is always the same regardless. What shows up, or doesn't show up, in a background check depends entirely on how deep and thorough a check is done.

    Is it likely to show up? Probably not. Can we carve it in stone that it will not? No.

    Two things I am tired of typing: 1.) A wrongful termination does not mean that you were fired for something you didn't do; it means that you were fired for a reason prohibited by law. 2.) The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding contract or CBA expressly says otherwise. If it does, the terms of the contract apply.
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    You made a public suicidal gesture - you are an admitted and known alcoholic who has had some problems.

    Getting sectioned may be more widely known to your friends and acquaintances then you already believe.

    Think of the serenity prayer and step 4, and I'm sure you will find some peace.

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    The only places it might show up would be if the employer checks the activity logs or CAD entries of the local police department for the night they took you in for 515, or if there are any publicly accessible newspaper articles concerning you and the commitment.

    It would not be typical for this information to get out, but if you have friends or family that knows about it one of them may let it slip what happened. And, legally, the employer cannot ask about it.

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