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    Sleepy Guest


    I recently suffered a heart attack.

    I feel that a substantial contributing factor toward this illness was undue stress caused by my employer.

    I am now feeling great anxiety about going back to work because of the atmosphere that exists there.

    My preference would be not to return however my financial needs are substantial enough that the impact of quitting would be devastating.

    My employer offers a severance package for other reasons of employment termination.

    Do I have any recourse to my employer should I be able to prove that the conditions that I have experienced at work were sufficiently intolerable so as to cause or contribute toward my current condition ?

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    Tim from Texas Guest


    This is not my field, but causation factors for heart attacks are hard to prove. I know under the union contract for police officers in one big city heart attacks were automatically attributed to on the job stress. But that's the exception.

    If there is some extreme stress related to the job, I sure would ask a lawyer who is an employment law expert. It may be that there is a disability claim, or early retirement option, or something that will help.

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