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    Can you get fired for going to court too much??

    What is the name of your state? Ohio

    My sister in law (single mom) works in a factory, she has three kids two of which are constantly in trouble with the law. She has been through so much with these two and she has tried everything to straighten them out. The son was finally put in a detention center and she was forced to pay child support, which is fine, except the took 25 % of her paycheck! But that isnt even her problem now, her don is now 18 and he is doing a little better. Now her 17 year old daughter is in constant trouble and refuses to listen to her mom. She is constantly calling the police on her, runaway, curfew, underage drinking, etc. One time she did something (so many things cant remember what it was) and her mom was taking her tv out of her room, and the daughter attacked her, during the scuffle, the daughter got elbowed in the mouth by mom. Guess who was arrested?? This system is crap! Anyway finally they put her in a detention center.
    Now to the current problem, she has had to go to court so much, 10+ times last year alone. The only time she has missed from work is for court, not because she was sick or anything. and when she went to court she always returned to work. Her boss is threatening her job, so yesterday she was suppose to show up for court but she was afraid to loose her job she didnt go. Today she was served with contempt of court.

    Can she get fired for attending court too much?

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    You bet. .

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    Yes, she can. The only time being in court is a protected activity is if she is called for jury duty. Her employer has no legal obligation to allow her to miss work more often than other employees because her kids can't stay out of trouble.

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