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    Discriminatory Application Questions

    What is the name of your state? Texas

    I have been making application for "staff" employment to a major university in Houston, Texas for almost a year. I am employed by another major university system, but my division has had rumblings of lay-offs for quite some time. I have very specific reasons for wanting to be employed at the other university system and so have concentrated my search with them only. They have a website that posts their openings and application form (if you would like to view it for yourself). The very first time I viewed their application, I thought their questions as to "when graduated from high school/college" was discriminatory. I am in the protected age group and it is easy to discern from this information. They also say they will not consider "incomplete applications". I am surprised that this institution has missed what I think is a discriminatory question. I have only had 2 interviews in all this time (one by phone and 1 in person), although I am very well qualified educationally and with extensive experience. How should I handle bringing this to their attention, if at all?

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    hexeliebe Guest
    You should complete the form with truthful information.

    This is not a discriminatory question. Simply put, they are not going to validate your high school / college transcript if they have to look through 100s of years of records.

    And just so you know, colleges REQUIRE a graduation date before they will conduct a search for records.

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    I agree 100%. This is not an illegal question. Besides, when you put down the dates of your prior employment experience, do you not think that those dates don't give a good idea of how old you are? Someone who puts "1966 - 1975 ABC Company" is obviously older than 25.

    Answer the questions trutfully and fully if you wish to be considered. You're jumping to conclusions that your age has anything to do with this. It's likely that they've had hundreds of other job applicants for the positions you applied for and that you're up against some pretty tough competition.

    You may want to widen your job search beyond this one institution. Otherwise, it could be a very long time - perhaps never - until you are the candidate of choice.

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    I like the last pararaph in the post by Beth3. That is darn good free advice.

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    A college graduation date does NOT indicate age. Not everyone goes to college right after high school. They work for a while, spend some time in the armed forces, raise their kids first, go part time for several years instead of full time for four. A good friend of mine just graduated from college five years ago - she celebrated her 60th birthday the week previous. They can tell NOTHING about your age from a college graduation date.

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    Do I get a dozen yellow roses again, HG?

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