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    Drug test negative but denied employment for failure of drug test?

    What is the name of your state? Iowa

    Hi. I am new here. I found this place after searching round the net for legal advice.

    I was recently denied employment at a local city facility. I have a degree and was basically all hired, or so I thought.

    One hiccup in the system was the drug test. Being an artisist I am often unfairly accused of using, possesing, or having knowledge of illegal drugs. Now, I wont say I didnt experiement in High School and such, but I am a professional now, and I am not a drug user. I had no fear of this test, and to me, it was merely a technicality.

    I was given an appointment at the hospital lab and told simply to go there and they would instruct me on what to do. I went to the lab for my appt. and was given no specific instructions besides the main two. I was not supposed to flush the toilet or touch the sink. I gave my sample and was happily on my way to getting a great job.

    Two days later I was informed that my sample was dilute and that I would need to retest. I was given no instruction or explination, simply told when my new appointment was. I didnt really know what had happened, but I assumed it was just that I had drank too much water. Who could blame me, its 90 degrees and 80% humidity most days, and I dont have air conditioning. For the second sample I consumed only 12 ounces of water over the entire day, and I gave my sample at 4pm. The nurse said the sample was notibly more odorous and colorful, and she said that it would definately be a good sample.

    Two days later I recieved a call from the liason between the city and the hospital who handles the drug test information. He is not a medical professional, nor does he work for the city. The man was very rude with me and accused me of being a drug user. My second sample had tested dilute as well. I assured him that I had not tampered with the sample nor had I consumed large quantities of water. I also informed him that I had recieved no specific instructions on how to give a better sample or what to avoid taking before the test. I was only asked the first time what prescriptions I was taking. That was the extent of it. He informed me that testing dilute twice means that I am a drug user who is trying to cover for it. He accused me of using drugs, lying, falsifying hospital records, and also denied me access to the test results. He told me that I have been flagged and that since all local companies use the hospital for their testing, these results will reflect on any test I take there for the next year.

    My to-be employer, the city in which I reside, has informed that I failed my drug test, and that I am ineligeable for any city jobs for one year. I never used drugs, I never falsified records, I never drank excessive quantities of water, I was never given any instruction on consumption of water or foods and suppliments, and I never tested positive for drug use. Yet, I am being told that there is absolutely nothing I can do. I would like to get a lawyer and sue the pants off the whole city and this man for defaming my character and verbally harrasing me, as well as withholding information related to my medical history to me, while releasing it without permission to others, especially with his comments attached. He gave a verbal overview of his opinion to the woman who would have been my boss, and she is now convinced that I am a crack-whore in disguise. This is the only place I could work with my degree in the entire town, and this man and system have ruined it for me. Ive been working temporary jobs for 5 months waiting for this job. I wouldnt screw it up, not for anything. And yet, here I sit...

    After talking to a medical professional outside of the hosptial who asked me what I was eating, drinking, and using as suppliments, we came to the conlusion that a women multivitamin + contains some herbs known to increase urinary action. I have a prior history of UTIs and take this herbal suppliment that was advertised to reduce UTIs, and it works wonderfully. The main constituent is Uva Ursi, but the ingredients are listed below. I take this suppliment and I stay well hydrated. I also consume a fair amount of caffiene. My private doctor said that this is likely the cause, and that the technician or the receptionist should have given me an information sheet, as well as the employer, about what to eat/not to eat etc.

    I never recieved any information nor did the health professional ask me about any vitamins or herbal suppliments I might be taking. I want to get retested and pass to prove to the old man that I am not a hippie drug fiend, as well as get the job I deserve. I am willing to go to great lengths to succeed, but paying the price for legal help just isnt an option. My parents are dissappointed, they wonder if the mans suggestions are right. Because of this one policy, which the man said was the policy of the hospital, not the city, I am facing years of judgement, persecution, and worthless petty jobs. I am at my wits end, I cried for a few hours, and now Im here. What should I do?


    My Daily vitamin +
    Vitamin A (IU) 5000
    Vit C (mg) 250
    Vit D (IU) 600
    Vit E (IU)q 100
    Vit K (mcg) 80
    Thiamin (mg) 20
    Riboflavin (mg) 20
    Niacin (mg) 20
    Vit B6 (mg) 20
    Folic Acid (mcg) 600
    Vit B12 (mcg) 100
    Biotin (mcg) 250
    Panthotheitc Acid mg 20
    Calcium (mg) 150
    Iron (mg) 18
    Iodine (mcg) 200
    Magnesium (mg) 75
    Zinc (mg) 15
    Selenium 70 mcg
    Copper 2 mg
    Manganese 5 mg
    Chromium 120 mcg
    Molybdenum 70 mcg
    Ostivone™ (as isopropoxy isoflavone) 10 mg
    Soy Isoflavones (as NovaSoy™) 2 mg
    Lycopene 250 mcg
    Alpha-Carotene 93.5 mcg
    Zeaxanthin 18.7 mcg
    Cryptoxanthin 22.8 mcg
    Lutein 250 mcg
    Chasteberry 50 mg,
    Grape Seed Extract 10 mg,
    Dong Quai 80 mg
    Horse Chestnut Extract 25 mg
    Butchers Broom 15 mg
    Garcinia Extract 50 mg
    Uva Ursi,
    Alpha Lipoic Acid 20 mg
    Deodorized Garlic

    My Urinary health suppliment:

    asian ginseng, chinese yam, chinese peony, deer antler, astragalus, poria, morinda, asiatic dogwood, eucommia, dong quai, bupleurum, lycium, rehmannia, epimedium, sichuan lovage, schisandra, eleuthero, cynomorium, cassia, palm-leaf raspberry.

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    You were not hired because you did not pass the drug test. Two dilute samples is not common unless there is efforts to do so.

    The records don't have to be released to you, they were signed off on by you and were paid for by the city.

    I can't give much comment on the liason guy since It's not clear what his position is. My experaince has been with the Medical Review Dr. which verfies the positive or dilute results on the split sample, perhaps it's with that office. It's not necessary for that person to be rude, you may make a complaint to that office.

    I don't see any legal options available.

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    I think that in using detox is nothing wrong! I use it because I am in sport and I have to pass drug tests. I go to [url]http://drug-detox.co.uk[/url] anf get something there. It always helps

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    Iowa and Florida
    [QUOTE=mousiolga]I think that in using detox is nothing wrong! I use it because I am in sport and I have to pass drug tests. I go to [url]http://drug-detox.co.uk[/url] anf get something there. It always helps[/QUOTE

    This post is over 6 months old, the original OP has probably already found another job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mousiolga
    I think that in using detox is nothing wrong! I use it because I am in sport and I have to pass drug tests. I go to [url]http://drug-detox.co.uk[/url] anf get something there. It always helps
    You didn't go through enough detox! Its March 2006 not September 2005

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlane58
    You didn't go through enough detox! Its March 2006 not September 2005

    Now that was funny, but give him a break, it was his first post since getting clean, or any other time for that matter.

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    Clinical studies on postmenopausal women have shown that ipriflavone, an isoflavone, helps maintain bone mineral density when combined with calcium.
    Clinical studies on postmenopausal women have shown that ipriflavone, an isoflavone, combined with calcium helps maintain bone mineral density.
    Other Ingredients: dibasic calcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, colloidal silicon dioxide, modified cellulose gum and magnesium stearate.
    1 tablet twice daily with a meal. Best if used in conjunction with a Source Naturals calcium supplement.
    Remember If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your health care professional before using this product.

    For Ostivone Products :

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    A dilute sample usually means the individual being tested has consumed copious amounts of water in an effort to flush prohibited substances out of his/her body. Most employers would not allow a job candidate to test again and would have simply pulled their offer at that point. Yours did allow you to test again and your second sample was also dilute. I have no medical explanation why that occurred (except for the obvious) but the employer had every right to pull the offer.

    A person, who is nice to you, but rude to a waiter, is not a nice person. (This is very important. Pay attention. It never fails.)
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