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    Question fired with out real proof

    minnesota: i was fired for supposedly stealing a gift card from work. what happened was i was given a gift card for christmas and had it out to check balance on it when for some reason i sat it down. mind it was 4 days till christmas and were busy. when i grabbed my card off the counter i put it back in my wallat and then used it that day to buy a few things for christmas. this happend on dec 21 2001. on january 31 2002 i was called into the office. i was questioned about my discount card and gift cards and what happened with thnigs left behind. then was asked about what happens when credit cards and gift cards were left behind. i said they would go to accounting. i was then asked about the gift card he (the loss prevention guy) was holding and if i knew what happened with that card. it was mailed out as a christmas gift but received empty and the one loaded was the one i used. i didn't deny buying the items i did or using my gift card. i had made amistake and grabbed the wrong one. what happened to mine i don't know and have no way of tracking i don't have a receipt and can not get one. and what happened to the other employee that forgot to give the right card i don't know either, but i was fired and the only proof they have is a receipt. is that right? or is there something i can do about it? i have tried getting a meeting scheduled to argue my point in this cause but my store mananger there hasn't called me back with a daye or time. i feel like i am being put off. also the loss prevention guy is no longer at this store it was his last day at that store.

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    Suspicion of stealing is a sufficient reason for termination. They are not required to have the kind of proof that would stand up in court.

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    I didn't do anything and now on my exit form i had to sign it says I was fired for theft. How does that look when i go to get anew job? Can i fight to get it of my record with out proof? I there anything at all I can do?

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    There's really nothing you can do to force them to change it. And when you say this is on your record, don't forget, as far as employment goes, there isn't a "record" the way there's a police record. It's not like they can put your name in a computer and bingo! your whole past employment experience comes up.

    I'm not putting down your concerns - they're valid. But this is not an insurmountable problem, either.

    Do you know what your old company does about references? Many, many companies refuse to give any information except dates of employment, title, sometimes salary and sometimes whether or not a person is eligible for rehire. If that's the case, if this is the way your old company operates, it's never going to come up in a reference check.

    One thing you don't want to do is lie. If you're asked outright why you left, you can explain exactly what happened, putting your own spin on it. You can either request that they not contact your old employer for a reference, or explain up front exactly what happened so that they're prepared for whatever might come up if your company does give out more than dates of employment. But don't lie about it - if you do and you get caught, you can be fired for falsifying information on your application. This would be more applicable if you had been arrested or convicted of the theft, but it does apply in your situation as well.

    If there is a manager or supervisor that you were on good terms with who believes in your innocence, you can ask them to provide a reference. You can ask the company to provide a neutral reference on the basis of the fact that they have no proof and you deny any wrongdoing. (They don't have to do this, but it doesn't hurt to ask.) There are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself in a job search. The one thing you can't do is force them to remove the fact that they fired you for theft from their file on you.

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