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    Unhappy Hiring after an SIS misdemeanor


    I received a misdemeanor charge in 2007 in Missouri. The charge was SIS (suspended imposition of sentence). The judge said it was a deferred sentence, and told me nothing would be on my record after I complete my probation. I learned later that an SIS is very different from a deferred sentence. Legally I have not been convicted, but anyone who checks can see that I have an SIS, and with a little research can find what that means. I've plead no contest to a charge and accepted an SIS so there is 'no conviction'.

    I have two great job offers right now, but both are contingent upon a background investigation. I am worried I cannot pass a background check with this on my record, and will therefore not be hired.

    Can anyone give me any information or advice? Should I tell the company about this incident, even though I have never been convicted? Can they chose not to hire me, based on my no contest plea, even though I haven't been convicted?

    The charge was in Missouri. I live in Colorado. The jobs are in Virginia and Arizona. I'm not sure if any of this is relevant, but I thought it would be best to give you all the information.

    Annny input would be greaaatly appreciated.

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    It would be helpful to know what you were charged with as that will have an impact on the employers' concern about your record, as well as whether the charge was relevant to the jobs under consideration.

    On the whole though, your best option is to contact both employers and explain what they're going to find when they do a background check. Employers being surprised when conducting checks is never a good thing and this way, you have an opportunity to explain and put it in a positive light. (e.g. "I was young and very foolish and learned my lesson. This sort of incident will never happen again."

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