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    renellin Guest


    the local school board wants to get rid of the horrible superintendant as per the townpeoples wishes, but the outgoing board signed a 3 yr renewal contract the day before leaving, effectively forcing them to keep her on. is there anything in the new york school board rules & regs involving lame ducks who sabotage their successors or commit them to distasteful agreements? there was a clause added to the contract that is against the public interest, and virtually impossible for the board to fulfill--presenting a huge hindrance to any normal board functioning also.

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    buddy2bear Guest
    You need to see a labor and employment on behalf of management attorney who will have to read through the contract. The only way you could probably "break" this contract is to either pay the 3 years' salary, come to some kind of agreement with the individual, or find a clause in the contract itself that would specify a breach that could apply.

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    dj1 Guest
    Finally YOU are seeng the light!

    WE have to end teacher and superintendant TENURE, and only give one year contracts...

    BUT in NYC we have strong unions so you suffer with this loser.

    HOW to get rid of him......YOu have to be creative....how about getting as many people to show up and volunteer at your school in order to keep tabs on his every move, maybe he is cheating the schhol and someone will catch him at doing something illegal, like sleeping in the middle of the day, running personal errands, buying personal stiuff with school funds, you need lots of eyes and ears, so how much time can you and all the other parents volunteer?

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    D. D. Lessenberry Guest
    It has been my 24 years of experience that the superintendent does not visit "the school" very often.

    A PA woman was "bought out" but at a compromise amount (not the full remainder).

    Get that attorney, and good luck. You might also try going to the local media.

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