I have been a federal employee for sixteen years. I have been a GS-9 since 1986. In about 1993, progression in my career field became tougher due to positive education requirements. I returned to college and earned a B.S. to ensure qualification to promote.
Since that time I have been 'passed-over' for the next level of supervision and promotion four times.
The most recent time, four of my staff members were found negligent in an abuse case and this was my supervisor's reason for my non-selection. His words were 'You had the job until your staff screwed up'.
I feel that this is unfair and that I didn't have an equal opportunity for the position. There are also events that occured that lead me to believe that non-selection is retribution for blowing the whistle concerning unfair treatment of my last supervisor. The information I provided substantiated her claims of unfair treatment causing discomfort and disciplinary action for upper management.
Adding insult to injury, the day I was informed that I was not selected (I didn't have an interview), management informed me that they wanted to reassign me to another area because they felt I was 'burned-out'. I went to the installation commander (I work for the Air Force) for intervention. In the past year and a half, I have either been detailed or temporarily promoted to the positon that I applied for, and my supervisor's praised me for my capabilities and hard work.
The installation commander intervened, but I still asked for a management reassignment to another squadron because I am going to file an EEO complaint, and notify my congressman. I feel that staying in the squadron will be hostile, and I do not want to continue working in an environment that doesn't appreciate hard work, honesty, and integrity.
I have been at this particular installation for 12 years, and have seen ALOT of mismanagement, questionable personnel practices, and the 'good old boys' system is quite alive and well.
One of the members of management has suggested to me on several occasions that I relocate to another installation in order to receive a promotion. I do not feel that this is fair.
Also, the person who was selected for the position does not have any specialized experience in this career field.
Do I have any rights? Can I sue?