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    Papers signed under distress

    What is the name of your state?Oregon
    My husband started delivering papers for the Oregoian about a week ago as a side job. He was hired as a subcontractor/1099 person. Last night they called him into the office a few times saying they needed to have him sign some papers. They called him in while he was trying to get his papers put together and go because the papers have to be delivered by a certain time plus they had extra papers to deliver that come out once a week. They did not explain to him what he was signing, they did not give time to read the papers. After he signed them he noticed they said he has to give 30 days notice and if he walk ouT or doesn't shoW up he is fined $350.00. I don't think that they can do this, ecspeacially since they did not explain it nor let him completely read. I told my husband when he goes in tonight to get that paper back and I was going to call The Oregoinian and ask them if this is there policy. Is this even legal?


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    I told my husband when he goes in tonight to get that paper back and I was going to call The Oregoinian and ask them if this is there policy. (a) Your husband should try to get copies of the papers he signed. He needs to see exactly what they say. (b) YOU shouldn't call anyone. You are not a party to your husband's employment relationship. If your husband has questions or concerns, he should contact HR or management at the newspaper.

    Is this even legal? That's difficult to say since it's not clear what your husband signed. Since he's an independent contractor (which he likely is since he's just delivering newspapers) then he's not an employee - he's a supplier, and it isn't illegal to build "penalties" into agreements with suppliers.

    The least expensive way for your husband to get answers to his situation is to get a copy of whatever paperwork he signed and then contact your State's Department of Labor and ask their opinion.

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