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    TessKokko Guest

    Sick and tired of all the BS im reading

    Hi People

    For days I have red this forum, people getting fired, laid off, misstreated, treated like 5 year olds by thier company.

    Ive also red the replies to almost every problem. I dont get it.

    Working people get hired to do one thing, get paid for that work, and when the company or supervisors, management decides they can ADD more work load and we cant say anything. If we do, out the door we go.

    How can companies get away with this. Why should decent hard working people apply for a job, get hired, and then if they are good at what they are doing, lets all drop off MORE work at his/her desk.
    Dont get me wrong, I feel everyone should work for their money. I dont believe people should expect Holiday Bonuses, if we get it fine. if we dont ..so be it. That is NOT the reason we got hired in the first place.
    But for a company to be able to fire you for ANY or NO reason after you busted your butt, I feel that is WRONG!
    The company can fire you on the spot, and yet we the workers cant say or do anything in regards to being misstreated. And YES I said MISSTREATED, USED, TAKEN for GRANTED,
    Something is very wrong with this picture. I understand that company wants to make money, but dont they realize so do the workers? We too have bills to pay, and most of us dont mine over time to get the extra pay. WE ARE WILLING to work, but this crap the companies are pulling is wrong.
    It happens way too often. Someone doesnt like you, your fired!!..forget about whether your doing your job good, that doesnt count.
    And to top that off, if we quit our jobs, we dont collect unemployment, if we wait to get fired ( most of us KNOW when that is going to happen) we see the signs, we cant hide it from our resume, and the NEW potential employer can and probably WILL call our previous boss asking for referals. We take the chance of some idiot in the office who didnt like us ( because they are insecure ) to say negative feed back about us.

    This is all wrong.!!

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    Nov 2001
    Tess, I'd be the last one to say everything in employment law is fair, and I have no doubt that some employees do get a raw deal. There are things in employment law I'd re-write if I had the opportunity. However, one thing to remember is that there are two sides to every story, and we're only hearing one side on these boards.

    I had an employee once who was caught red-handed carefully positioning herself on the floor so she could claim she fell out of her chair and spend some time at home collecting workers comp. When we were told three weeks later that we had to eliminate one position as a cost cutting measure (we were sold a few months later) she announced loudly to anyone within hearing distance that she had no idea why she was the one who was fired; after all, she got all her work done and she had seniority.

    I had another employee who admittedly worked very hard at the jobs she liked, but left the duties she didn't like undone and told me outright that I had to do them because I was the manager. She also was shocked when she was fired, although there was a great deal more to her being fired than that one statement.

    Do employees get treated badly? Certainly some do, and it's unfortunate that the law cannot do more for them. But the likelihood is that many of the posts we read are not telling the entire story.

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    TessKokko Guest
    hi Cbg.

    Yes, I agree with you as far as not everyone does their work properly. But the few that do excellent work and then get fired, its not fair. If you ask me, one is too many.

    Ive learned, my X boss has stated that I took LONG lunch hour breaks, that I took too many smoking breaks. ( yes I am a smoker). But she forgot ALL THE TIMES, I sat at my desk stuffing my face so I can answer the phones, because there wasnt another sales rep to answer phones. Or when my boss decided she had to leave the office because her child was sick, Did she even ask if I could cover her butt? no !!..I didnt mind working lots of hours or eating at my desk. but I recent when she doesnt tell the whole story.
    How many times did I leave way after closing, because a customer decided to call at the last minute for info. I wasnt paid over time nor did I expect to. Yet she was the first out the door.

    And someone forgot to tell her shes a smoker also, and took breaks along with a few other employees. I had more paper workl dumbed at my desk then she did. And I ENJOYED every minute of it..Idle time is my weakness. NOT once did i complain, but I was NOT expecting her to be negative after all I did for her and the company.
    She deducted 12 lousy dollars, saying I made personal calls, she never gave me a copy of the phone bill or the number. Hey, what ever ...Ill pay the 12 dollars. but she also forgot , how she ASKED ME to use my cell phone to call competitors and pretend I was potential customer to get thier prices and info. ( she didnt want to use the office phone in case they had caller ID ).

    Yes there is always 2 maybe 3 sides to every story. Confront me and let me know, do not go behind my back. If I wasnt a good employee then fire me the first 2-3 months.

    Now she can say anything she likes to anyone that calls to get feed back on me. you call that fair? How come I cant write to anyone about her treatment towards me.
    When I was fired, I walked out the door with my head high, didnt want to look back. I wanted to go on, get another job etc. Now shes blocking me from getting another job.

    ok ok enough said......I still think it sucks!!....

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    katlarue4 Guest

    Thumbs up

    you are right on tess. don't you wish we just just all get together and start our own company.....the overlooked, unappreciated yet plesant and productive workers!

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    Vincent Cosent Guest

    Its not bs its life.

    As ive said before the legal description of the employe/employeer relationship is master and servant so we are basically slaves that get paid.Some alternatives to this situation are communism and unions and each has its own imperfections.Watch the program on tv called survivors and consider this to be the workplace.Many of the human interactions also happen in the workplace.Many of us need to be more introspective and sometimes change who we are to avoid employment problems in the future.And of course you can always try to become self employeed so you are in control of your own destiny.Many people take this route in America every year.That is what makes this country so great.

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    TamJones Guest

    it is bs, and we should do something about it.

    It doesn't HAVE to be that way. Why can't we lobby for just cause termination legislature? I am so often told that the "power" behind at will employment is that while the employer can fire you at any time, you can quit at any time in return. Let me ask you in a company of thousands where there are thousands more unemployed looking to do your job, what power is threatening to quit? Employees that are valuable enough to warrant concern if they quit have a contract. So what it comes down to is that companies can squash many liberties we as americans take for granted. How can they do that? Well, while you have a right to whatever freedoms are in question, you do not have the right to have that job. But if you look at the american way of life today, you HAVE to have a job to survive. Sure, you say start your own business, but how many businesses started each year fail? 90%? 98%? Whatever it is, its too high to be a viable option for most people.

    The average CEO makes 376 times that of the average worker. When they tell you if you work harder you'll get ahead, the truth of the matter is, if you work harder, you make the ceo and a few key executives more money. Raises are as arbritary as who can smooze the boss the best. You can read that in these forums time and time again. And yes, we're undoubtly only seeing one side of the story, but I have seen enough sickening underhanded behavior in the last 5 years of working in the "corporate culture" to last a life time. The fact that I have to tolerate that, tolerate knowing that all my work is for putting money in someone else's pocket and THEN to know the company can fire me on a whim. Or worse yet, they can fire me because my personal life does not fit into their world? That I should put my job, over my own life? I know I'm not alone in thinking this. Being asked to give up things like school or hobbies or side jobs so I can be at the beck and call of a job that tomorrow could lay me off for financial reasons while the ceo gets a 5 million dollar bonus for cost cutting measures.

    Nothing is going to change that working for most companies is by default a dead end job. We are a capitalist society, and there will always be the haves, have a little, and have nots. But we as individuals should do something to protect our personal freedoms from the haves. That is really what its about. Just cause termination legislation would do that to some extent. Talk to your representives about changing the laws. Maybe nothing will come of it, but if it does, wouldn't you feel better knowing your freedom and your right to work is protected?

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    Vincent Cosent Guest

    Love all your comments!!!!

    Agree with all of you.Workers dont get much respect.Wish some of you ran for public office.The job situation in this country is terrible.Im looking for work and ive noticed that years ago there were many manufacturing jobs where I live.Now all I see are dozens of wharehouses springing up all over.I guess everything is made in Mexico and China then shipped here and stored in wharehouses.I still think much of our present situation started with Ron Reagan crushing the air traffic controllers union.I dont think either party gives a dam about working Americans any more.Its all rhetoric just to get elected.Even with unions they once had the upper hand with employers and now it is the companies with the upper hand.Downsizing and more downsizing where does it all end?Ill never forget the seven tobacco co. ceos.telling the congress and the American people lies about tobacco.Why werent they put in jail for lying?Look at all these Enron crooks.Will they get off lightly to?Probably.When some of us give people advice that sounds one sided on this board its not that we dont wish it were different but things are one sided and to not accept that is to not accept the truth.

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    Marina Guest

    Thumbs up posted a little while back

    I am glad there is some feed back on this board. And I understand that you folks only see one side of the story but my feeling when I came here was to have some good advice but I should have realize that it is just free advice. I just want to say to all you "wrongfully terninated " people that whatever company you worked for that they just don't deserve you, you are better than them. Good luck to all of you! I was employed for 14 years at a co. Good repor with everyone there. I live in a small community and majority of the people work there. Alot of people know about my situation and alot of them can't believe what happened. I could go on and on but like they say here, they only hear one side of the story and I don't care and I don't want to sound so perfect to them. Take care and God bless, aloha from Hawaii.

    By the way you can look for my prior post under my name Marina
    Sorry I was feeling bitter this day. Peace to you all!

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