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    telephone interview w/ employment commission?

    What is the name of your state? VA

    Hi All,

    I was fired from my previous employer for "performance issues in my probation notice". I worked with this company for over 5 years. The last two years have been hell because my "new" manager and I just clashed. She had it out for me. I have been trying to complete my college degree so I couldnt quit and pay them back for the education. So I just stuck it out until they fired me.

    For my student loans to complete my degree, I have to apply to the VA Employment commission. I just recieved a letter saying I have to attend a phone fact-finding interview with my previous employer and a Deputy of VEC. This is in regard to the question... "Does the reason I am currently unemployed qualify me to recieve unemployment benefits".

    It says I have the right to legal representation and to provide witnesses?

    What the heck is this and should I expect a confrontation from my employer? What should I be prepared to hear and say?

    Thanks so much for any advice. The more the better.

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    Smile Answer...I Think

    I'm not exactly sure what your situation is. Are you indicating you applied to VEC for education benefits - or unemployment benefits, so you could pay for your education?

    I don't know the answer if it's regarding a tuition assistance application, but in the case of unemployment benefits, they are saying your previous ER appealed your benefits (in other words, they said your own actions caused your dismissal and you're therefore not eligible to reeive unemployment benefits). A fact-finiding meeting is just for the purpose as stated - to get all the facts. You meet with your ER and an unemployment adjudicator. The adjudoicator listen to both sides of the argument, asks questions, reviews any documentation presented, etc. and makes a decision on whether or not they believe your actions were willful or not.

    I am not in VA, so I don't know VA law specifically (unemplyment varies from state-to-state), but I would bet your ER is not required to send you any notices...that will all come form VEC.

    Look at the notice you received carefully...it probably explains what you need to do and what you are "allowed," but not required to do (like bring witnesses, hire a lawyer, etc.).

    If this is about something other than UI, I can't really help you.

    Good luck to you!

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    What the heck is this and should I expect a confrontation from my employer? What should I be prepared to hear and say?

    No, you will not have a confrontation with your ex-employer. This is just the standard unemployment process after someone applies for benefits. You will explain your version of the circumstances under which you were terminated; your employer will state their position. Subsequently the UC adjudicator will make a decision on whether you are eligible for benefits.

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