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    Thumbs down Truly Terminated by The Salvation Army???

    My name is Angela and I live in Ohio. I work for the Salvation Army for almost five years, or should I say, I did work for them. I ran a smaller thrift store (known as a satellite) entirely by myself for nearly 5 years. I was told that due to insufficient funding of that store from the previous manager putting the store into such a substansial debt that it would only be possible to hire a single part time employee only AFTER the store was gotten out of the debt and more consumers coming to keep the sales increase up. I could go on and on about the things I did single-handedly to not only increase the sales, but to also aquire a steady supply of "regulars", and so much more.
    I was hired through the Lima, Ohio, branch and worked in Lakeview, Ohio, where the satellite was located. My pay checks came from Cincinnati Ohio, where the district head quarters is located. Three weeks ago on February 14, I was notified to come in to the Lima office only to be told that they were deleating my job. That I and the only other employee that I had worked so hard to have, only had our jobs until March 4. Not because they was closing the store entirely, but Cincinnati (DHQ) decided to cut their losses and give the store to a Catholic Social Serives Unit for them to restaff and rename the store.
    However, that didn't happen entirely the way that I had thought that it would. I was told that the store was still being run as a Salvation Army thrift store. So, my job was not deleated, I was only replaced. In fact the only thing that changed is that they now have more hours. And it appears that they also have more employees.
    And I found out this morning that I can't file for unemployment, because as a non-profit organization they can choose either to give benifits or not and the Salvation Army doesn't.
    I would like to know if anyone has any advice. Can you tell me if a company that is so large and spans throughout the world can dismiss employees without good cause and fill in with new people, leaving the others without a care, no unemployment, or insurance? Is it legal to close a buliding and reopen under the same name and restaffing without reason to terminate others?

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    What happened to you is unfortunate but it does not appear that any laws have been violated. In any state except Montana (and even including Montana in some circumstances) an employee can quit at any time and for any reason, and they can be fired at any time and for any reason that does not specifically violate the law. An employer is not required to have good cause to fire someone (except sometimes in Montana) unless you have a bona fide contract that gives you that protection.

    Unless you have a VALID reason to believe that you were fired BECAUSE OF your race, religion, national origin, gender, disability, pregnancy or because you are over 40, it would appear that your termination, however unfair, was legal.

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    I Did some checking and it turns out that it is true, Salvation Army does not pay unemployment benefits, and they also have some stores and programs that are not directly associated with the national rehabilitation program at least in Lakeview or Lima, Ohio but possible it is under a local church instead, but you do have recourse within the Salvation Army or through an employment attorney. It is not the policy of th eSalvation Army to lie to people or to make them unemployed under false circumstances. Is there more to this story than you have told us? I personally called both the national and regional headquarters, Please call Maj. Nancy Beauchmp At 845-620-3385 She can discuss this matter with you and give you direction for your options within the organization. Otherwise, consult with an employment attorney see if you have any recourse.

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    Nothing illegal happened here. The short version is that the organization decided to give this store to a different organization to operate. The successor organization wanted to use their own staff to manage the store. That's unfortunate but it happens all the time.

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