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    Will I receive my vacation pay after I am fired for ANY reason?

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    lawrat Guest


    Nice name. : - )

    As to your question, you are entitled to vacation pay not used. But your state's labor code will dictate how and when paid.

    So go to state laws at the freeadvice.com homepage, click on it, then click on state statutes, click on your state and then check your labor code or employer-employee code.

    Below is an example from nolo.com:

    As is the case in many other less golden states, California law puts a very specific time limit on when you must be paid on your way out the door. If you have been fired, the former employer must pay you immediately -- or within 72 hours if you work in what is called a seasonal industry, such as farming.

    A former employer who claims you quit must pay you within 72 hours.

    Your final paycheck must include a payment for all accrued vacation -- no buts about it.

    If you run into flack from the one who holds the pursestrings, cite chapter and verse of the law: California Labor Code, Sections 201 and 202.

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