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    Work and Live in the same place

    What is the name of your state? California

    I am a property manager in returns for my services i get lodging. In a drunken rage my husbands cousin threatened to kill us. He was outside the building across the street when he did so an his threats resulted on a physical altrecation with my husband.i called the police,and the police taking him to the drunk tank for the night. We are in the process of attaining a restraining order. There were lost of rummors around the building so i decided to tell my boss before someone else did. She asked me for a copy of the restraining order and expressed her concern for the safety of the tenants in the buillding. Do i have to give her a copy? and can she use the restraining order against me to fire me?

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    She doesn't need a reason to fire you - California is an "at will" State.

    In my opinion, it's less likely she'll fire you if you give her a copy of the RO so she can see you and your husband are taking the proper legal steps to ensure this doesn't happen again, than if you refuse to give her a copy.

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