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    Question Would Like to file a Lawsuit Against Bank and Temp Agency

    What is the name of your state? Missouri

    I worked six months as an Administrative Assistant at a bank through a Temporary Agency. I was told that the position was indefinite. My work was always satisfactory.

    I was told by my Supervisor that I was released from my assignment because they didnít have anymore work for me to do. However, when I filed for unemployment benefits the Temp Agency raised an issue against my claim stating that they were told by my Supervisor that I was released from the assignment because I missed days from work to attend court, and the assignment was incomplete, but I was welcome to come back to the bank. I was outraged when I found out about this statement from the Temp Agency. I told the State that was not true and gave my side of the story. The State ruled in my favor and now Iím receiving unemployment benefits.

    Recently, I found out from a permanent employee in that they sent another temp in my place as an Administrative Assistant from the same Agency. I think that is really unfair. Right now I canít even find work, and the Temp Agency hasnít called me back for any more job assignments because of this incident. Can I sue for slander against the supervisor. The problem isÖ she lied about the reason I was released from the assignment, and damaged my relationship with this Temporary Agency. I have a witness that can verify she lied about reason I was released from assignment. Also proof which is the letter of recommendation I received from this flaky Supervisor.

    Can anyone tell me if I have a good case and can sue regarding this matter? I would like to be compensated from the Bank for all this time Iíve been out of work, and have the Supervisor suspended and/or removed from her position because of her unethical actionsÖ.

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    You have absolutely no ability to have the supervisor suspended or removed from her position, so forget about that.

    As to whether you have the basis of a suit against the supervisor and/or client company, it's doubtful but you will need to see an attorney. One of the issues you'll need to consider carefully even if you do have the basis of a suit is the cost of litigation. It won't be cheap and may far outweigh any damages you may be able to claim.

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    hexeliebe Guest
    Check your employment contract with the temp agency. I have also worked as a consultant through agencies at times in my life and if the contract is the same (and I'm sure it is) then you have no standing to sue the bank because you were never an employee of the bank.

    You were an employee of the temp agency. Again, read the employment agreement that you signed with the employment agency before contemplating any action.

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