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    Unhappy Fire undetermined

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? NC
    Our home recently caught fire and we lost everything. The area of the fire was in the kitchen, but smoke and intense heat destroyed everything, literally melting the blinds off the windows.
    Long story short, now that no one can find an ignition source and I was the last one in the house that morning, they have mentioned me taking a polygraph test. Of course, everyone says I am not a suspect, but I know what a polygraph's intent is. I have looked up polygraph info on the web and it just scared me more. I know everyone says this, but I am not hiding anything, but the mere thought of a p. test causes me to just about have a heart attack. I feel like the insurance company is doing all they can not to pay.
    Should I take the test? By not taking it, can they deny our claim?

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    What does your policy say about it?

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    I really don't know...I have a copy of the policy, but when I have looked at it is so "legal-ease" I can't understand much

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    Standard in most fire claims. EXPECTED if there is no known cause and YOU were the last one home.

    PS be aware your finances will be looked at under a microscope as well. Desperate people do desprerate things. ESPECIALLY looked at if you don't want to answer any and all questions.

    Go in and tell the truth.

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