What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? nj
What is the name of your state? NJ

My brother lives in a condominium. The association offers a H06 insurance coverage to the homeowners.

He was away a couple of days. When he returns finds that his doors unit was broken. The association dropped a note as well the police department about the need to get in.

He walked into the unit with a witness to verify what happened.
There were no damages, stains, or leaks at any room in the house especially in the two bathrooms.

He called the plumber to restore the water in the unit. They made several openings to fix pipes between the three units. He has no repairs inside the unit.

In good faith and without admitting any liability he volunteered to paint or patch a wall of the two neighbors. Neither of the two of them accepted because they claimed other damages that are not related to the water.

The plumbing company determine that the frozen pipes bursts because there was no insulation when the open the walls. Instead, the association is indicating that it was because there was no heating at the time of the incident.

After a month, one neighbor sent a letter to settle or consequently sue and the other submitted a claimed to his insurance company. Therefore, the subrogation investigator is asking for an amount to satisfy because they determine that my brother was negligence.

However my brother found that the two neighbors have not been using their heating system because one of them was broken for the past couple of months and the other simple they do not use the heating, just to save money.

My brother feels that he was primarily affected for this condition. Because there is a history of complaints notified to the association. He is affected due to the neglected behavior of the association and the neighbors downstairs. His condo is expose to a constant lost of heat in the bathrooms area and in one of the bedrooms. These rooms are located just above the garage of one of the affected neighbors. During the past three years he documented that this garage door remains open during extensive hours overnight exposing the lost of heat and cooling at his unit.

He has already sent a letter to the condo association and submitted the bills to be reimbursed of the fix of the common elements.

Of course, he believes that he did not contribute to any of the damages of the neighbors and the association is the ultimate responsible.

What is your opinion? Thanks for your input