What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? MN
While I was incarcerated my insurance company changed my policy from Broad to limited Peril without my knowledge. I've been out of jail for almost 2 years and made a claim after I had water damage in my kitchen and the floor needs to be replaced. My agent came over to fill out the claim and she didn't even know my policy had been changed. We contacted Sumter Mutual in Silver Lake and Linda ? said she changed it to limited after she had found out I was incarcerated. She said she sent a certified letter to my house in which was signed by my power of attorney. My power of Attorney signed for the letter but didn't know what it was for and never got me the letter. Besides the fact that the power of attorney signed for the letter, what right did the insurance company have in the first place to change my policy? They claim that I didn't need broad peril because I wasn't living there at the time, but I had renters. Wouldn't you want to keep more insurance on your home with renters in it. I've never been late with paying my premium even while incarcerated. If the company was so quick to change it when I went into jail, then why didn't they change it back once I was released? And if they knew I was in jail, why didn't they send the letter directly to me? I would have never signed it because I wouldn't have changed it to limited peril. Is there anything I can do, I need my kitchen floor replaced, and the company refuses to pay because THEY changed my policy.
I ask the company to send me a copy of the certified letter they sent out and also to show me where it states in the policy that they have a right to change my policy to limited while I was incarcerated. I have not yet received anything from them, but they sent my agent over and she said that they told her to explain my policy to me. (because I ask for them to show me where it states they can change it, but the agent couldn't and she also agrees with me on this and don't understand why the changed it and never even let her know) I know and understand what my policy is about, and do not see anything in it that states they have a right to change it if I'm not living there. \
The insurance company is Sumter Mutual in Silver Lake, MN