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    Tree Problems Need Advice

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? LA

    my Mom is going through financial hardships and the tree in our backyard is falling. She has called multiple people out to get a estimate on cutting it down and the estimate is over 3-4k, so she was waiting until she saved up enough money to finally get it down. my neighbor has sent a certified letters before hand, now the tress has fallen on my neighbors home before my mom could get it cut down,
    He may try to get my mom for negligence because he asked for our insurance company info. I understand that he can file a claim and get it fixed by his insurance company. but he could also try an sue and go to our insurance company. can any one Give me advice me on this?

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    It is very likely moms insurance will not pay for the damages. Mom knew the tree was in peril of falling and ignored it. That is a willful act.

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    In my state, the neighbor's insurance would deny the claim, especially since there is a record of the dead or dying tree. Your Mom's insurance would cover it under the liability portion of the policy. If this occurs her home will likely be inspected with a fine tooth comb and if there is the slightest issues a non renewal notice will be sent out shortly.

    Just this week one of my insureds has been dealing with this situation with a neighbors dead tree and the threat of the tree falling onto their home. My Claims dept suggested a CC letter to the neighbor as well as pictures be put into my insured's file in case the neighbor fails to remove the tree and there is damage to prove that neighbor has knowledge of their liability.

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