What is the name of your state?IL

I have a pending J1 visa waiver application at the State Department based on No Objection Statement. They have received everything including the No Objection Statement and they are waiting for my sponsor to respond and give their "view".
If someone knows approximately how long the State Department gives the Sponsors to respond and submit an opinion on a pending "j1 visa waiver application case" please let me know. From the case status online what I see is that the State department sent my sponsor a request for a view in the beginning of July and I don't have any clue to till when they are going to wait to ask them again to respond. I don't know how much of these timing issues depend on who the sponsor, but this whole process is very taxing and I am feeling very frustrated, without and valueable information and therefore clueless. I hope that there is someone out there who has some information regarding this matter.

Thank you very much