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Thread: visa / I-94

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    Question visa / I-94

    What is the name of your state? Massachusetts

    I have a tourist visa for 3 months and it expires April 20. Does that mean that I won't be able to stay after that date? I mean, I know that the length of the stay depends on the I-94, but can I get 6 months on my I-94 if my visa expires in 3 months?
    Thanks for your answer.

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    phwl Guest
    You can only stay to the date that is specified on the I-94 attached to your passport. Staying beyond that and you will be illegal here.
    Are you trying to say that they issued you a 6 month visitors visa on a passport with only 3 months left? Be more specific if you can.

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    I'm still not in the US yet. I was planning on going in March or April and I thought I would be issued a visa for 10 years, not just 3 months. Now I don't know what to do. I need at least to spend 2 months in the US so I need to know if they can stamp 3 months on my I-94 even though my visa expires before that date. Is it clearer now?

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    You thought you would be issued a visa for ten YEARS? What in heaven's name gave you that idea?

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    Branic Guest
    I wish Ten Years that would be a bonus lol
    I reckon that the best thing to do is return to your home country and then come back agian?
    Even if you apply for an extention? its is unlikely that it would be granted as they seem to be very tight on issue-ing them.

    For gods sake don't overstay your visa ie the 1-94w or you will never get a tourist visa agian.

    I am not a Lawyer nor am I authorised to give legal advice.
    I am just a Bored House wife (British) living in the US.
    And gather information each day regarding Immigration issues.

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    So you were issued a visa that expires on April 20 and you are planning on spending at least 2 months in the us, correct?
    Then you'd better come over soon because I think it is unlikely they will stamp your I-94 with a date later than that.

    On the other hand, the visa you have stamped in your passport is really just a "visa promise" and the length of your stay in the US is determined by the immigration officers at the port of entry. So, if knowing that your visa expires April 20, they stamp your I-94 with, let's say, May 30, you are allowed to stay that long.
    Just make sure to make a copy of your I-94 for yourself, keep a copy of your return ticket, etc. to prove in the future that you did not stay longer than you were allowed.

    ps. in many countries they issue a 10 year visas, but when citizens of those countries come here, their I-94s are usually stamped with 3 or 6 months stay allowance. 10-year visa just means that for 10 years you can travel to the us without reapplying for a visa. Whether you'd be allowed in, is another matter

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