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    Trish0316 Guest

    Cool Camera Surveillance in workplace

    What is the name of your state? New Jersey

    I work in a NJ hospital setting, and this week found out (along with other coworkers) that our Medication Room had a surveillance camera with possible sound secretly placed in the ceiling. A coworker located the camera device, touched it, and accidentally broke it. She reported it to her charge nurse, who in turn told the ER director (who is a contracted employee). He went to human resources about the incident. This employee is now under investigation and might be fired or suspended today for the event.

    My colleges and I are very concerned over the hidden surveillance. We use the med room also as a place to discuss the problems in the department, since it has a locked door. We feel that, if this camera had also the capability to record sound, our private discussions about administration, etc., were also recorded. We were also not given any notice about the need for camera surveillance, and feel that our rights of privacy have be jeopardized.

    So far, the administration in this hospital is using the excuse for the camera as a need to surveil possible theft of TB syringes. Since the nursing staff does the daily order of such syringes, this reason for surveillance is questionable. There has been no noticeable reduction in the inventory of insulin syringes in our department. We believe the surveillance was placed to watch and listen to the complaints, discontent and morale issues my coworkers have discussed in this Med room.

    My question is "As a collective group, can we file a class action lawsuit with the department of labor in NJ over the use of hidden camera surveillance in our workplace?"


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    justathought Guest
    I don't believe that you have any "reasonable expectation of privacy" in a workplace setting and therefore no cause of concern. Additionally, what damages have been caused by the camera that you will be able to prove?

    In fact, it makes incredible sense to keep a camera in the med room! Are you really that paranoid that this is for something other than security? Security cameras are everywhere in places that you'd least expect and most of the workplace ones I've seen do not record sound. It's just to expensive and equipment-intensive.

    But I suppose cbg (or halket or maybe beth?) will be able to elaborate the specific legalities of the actual camera/sound issue.

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    We may have to depend on Halket for a few days. I will not be back in my office until Thursday, and that's where I have my list of state laws on taping. Beth will be off the boards for a few days due to a family emergency. After noon tomorrow, I won't have internet access until Wednesday night.

    If no one else has been able to answer by Thursday as to the legality of the taping, remind me then.

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    Trish0316 Guest

    paranoia in workplace

    Regarding the paranoia, if you worked in this hospital, you would understand it. There are many questionable employment practices (management by intimidation, forcing signatures under duress, etc.)

    Regarding the co-worker who broke the camera, she was told that the hospital could fire, but won't right now.

    The ER director also is scared and made a point to speak to the staff to try to defend the camera incident, stating he knew little about it. He also is not an employee of the hospital, but had the camera viewing equipment in his office.

    Just some more information to add.


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