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    Question Can employeer fire you because they don't like you?

    What is the name of your state? MI

    Can an employeer fire you just because they don't like you personally? Does EOE give them that right? My employeer and I had a falling out shortly after I began working for him due to a difference in opinions related to non-work subjects. We would have conversations about different things, getting to know each other, and most of my opinions were not in line with his. After this he began second guessing my ability to do my job correctly. A co-worker had told me that he had called the office manager asking her what he should do because he didn't like me but had no complaints about my work habits!! We go to court this friday, he has to prove that he fired me justifibly. He submitted copies of notes he had made in a pocket calendar regarding notices "he had given me" and complaints about me. Most of which were not true (he never gave the notices he claims) on my last day he wrote that I looked down and wore my coat in the office (he's a chiropracter); I had not made small talk with him since we always had differences of opinions & I only wore my coat before the office opened. How much weight do you think his "evidence" will hold?

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    There are no laws that prevents an employer from firing someone because they develop a personal dislike of an employee or not having the same opinions on things. If he's a Bears fan (for example), you can be fired for being a Packers or Vikings fan.

    By "court," I presume you mean an unemployment hearing. If your former employer is contesting benefits, the burden of proof is on him to demonstrate that you engaged in willful misconduct AND that such misconduct rose to the level of "substantial and willful disregard of the employer's best interests." Whatever evidence the employer has sounds as though it's far below that legal standard. Go to the hearing and put your best foot forward but it doesn't sound like you have too much to worry about. Among other things, the lack of any formal discipline/documentation about performance issues weighs heavily in your favor.

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    Smile Thank you for your reply!

    Again thank you, I tried to subpoena two of my former co-workers but it was denied so I was feeling very frustrated and wondering "what was the point" if I can't provide proof through co-workers; as I never documented or recorded what I was promised or attitudes that developed. The thing that really irriates me is that although I live in MI I worked many years in IN, not having worked for my former employeer very long he wouldn't have to pay any benefits, all of my benefits would come from IN. I've never had anything like this happen before. So it's a he/she said situation.

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    Unless these co-workers have first-hand knowledge of every interaction between you and the boss and can testify you were never told about any performance deficiencies, it's unlikely they have any pertinent information to share at the hearing anyway. Being there to testify that the boss was a jerk who didn't like you isn't remotely relevant.

    Legally, the ONLY thing at issue is whether you engaged in any misconduct that rose to the level of a willful disregard of your employer's best interests and the burden of proof is on your employer.

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