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    sokowa Guest

    contacting EEOC investigator directly?

    What is the name of your state? Illinois

    About five months ago I spoke to the EEOC's investigator responsible for my case against my former employer. I would like to know how the investigation is going and am wondering whether it's acceptable to contact the EEOC investigator directly, without going through my lawyer. I asked my lawyer whether there were any new developments, and the lawyer told me that the EEOC needs to complete its investigation, which may take a while--so I'm not sure whether I should just wait. Would the EEOC be sending my lawyer info periodically, or not until everything's completed? I'm basically wondering whether my former employer is being cooperative or trying to delay deadlines and such.

    What kinds of information will the EEOC try to gather (personnel files, pay checks, fired employees' testimonies?)

    Any information would be greatly appreciated and I thank everyone in advance!

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    mrsmelody Guest


    My husband has an EEOC complaint open. The investigator in my opinion is taking way too long. It will be a year since the complaint was originaly filed. I am lucky though as I work in the same building as the investigator. So, I periodically see him and ask him what's going on. Of which he says "oh, their attorney is only in two times a week and I can't get in touch with her. " I did some research on my own and found that the EEOC does have a self imposed statute of limitations on completeing an investigation. Yet, they most never meet it. So, until they finish you, nor my husband can not do anything (yet) with an attorney.
    Also, don't feel intimdated. Call the invetigator to check on the status of your complaint. Have you or your attorney recieved a response to your complaint from your employer? You should receive one of witch your attorney will draft a rebuttal to. We couldn't afford an attorney so I wrote the rebuttal myself that was due back to the EEOC investigator within ten days.

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