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    Bent66 Guest

    False Allegations at Work... what to do?

    What is the name of your state? NC

    Background: I am the General Manager. I have an immediate boss, Regional Manager. Accusation came from a Manager under me, who reports directly to me. This manager is openly bitter about not receiving the job I hold now. I came from the outside of the company. I am in my 7th month.

    Nut shell, its a troubled business in need of a dramatic turn around. I have made great steps in the right direction. I was hired to do the turn around.

    On two seperate occasions, roughly 3 months apart. I was accused, without evidence or proof, of being an alcoholic.

    Both times, the information was taken to the Regional Manager, and both times brought to me by the Regional Manager.

    To clear something up... it is not true... and no I'm not in first stage denial either.

    Both times it was claimed that I was seen stumbling and slurring of words. It was also further claimed I had been drinking in my office.

    Initially, I took this as bitter grapes and a low degree of insubordination.

    The Manager accusing also declared that he was there on behalf of two other managers, and as a group they thought there was a problem.

    I investigated, and have found out that the 2 other managers knew nothing about it, had made no claim and have drafted letters declaring that. (I believe them)

    I have later been told, via a Manager for a Competitor, that the Accusing Manager interviewed for a job with his company. In the interview process, he declared he was leaving because his boss (me) was an alcoholic. Fortunately for me, he told it to the wrong person... a friend of mine.

    So it is a two fold question:
    What do you do with the employee making the accusations? Not legally related really, just advice.

    And secondly,
    What, if anything should I do about this undeserved shadow hanging over my head?

    Possible Questions you may have:
    Do I want to stay working here? Toss a coin. The fundamental issues with the company are not on the local level but rather on a corporate level and the success of making the needed changes is very questionable.

    Is the accusing Manager valuable? Yes actually he is, but also a liability. Basically if he decides to be a team player he is an asset, otherwise he is a liability.

    Did your boss, the Regional Manager believe it? Im sad to report, I think he did. It is clear, that if he had to bring it up 2 times, he thinks there is a degree of truth in there somewhere. (there really isnt)

    Do you drink at work? YES. (I bet that surprised some people) I will consume an alcoholic beverage when entertaining clients. I infact wrote the rules/guidelines for alcohol consumption when entertaining. (no more then 3 drinks if included with a meal, 1 otherwise)

    Is it normal to consume alcohol with clients? It is very much part of the industry and a generally accepted and expected aspect.

    Have you ever, in past jobs, been accused of drinking? No. Infact, I am known for my high degree of character, morality and professionalism.... something I do not want to see tarnished.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    "What do you do with the employee making the accusations?" Assuming I believed his motivation was vindictive, I'd likely terminate the manager. He's made two false allegations, lied about the two other managers supporting the allegations, and spread the rumor to another employer.

    "What, if anything should I do about this undeserved shadow hanging over my head?" Make sure your superiors understand the accusations are baseless and then forget about them and get on with your job. I don't know that you should assume the Regional Manager believed the allegations. Even if he immediately assumed them to be outright lies, it's still extremely likely he would discuss the situation with you.

    Having a couple of drinks when entertaining clients is extremely commonplace, assuming we're talking about evening entertaining and not lunch. I don't see that as a problem nor would I consider that "drinking at work" unless you're pulling the bottle of Stolie out of your bottom desk drawer and partying with visitors in your office.

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    Bent66 Guest

    No it is all evening business. Nothing ever before 5pm. Keep in mind my day starts at roughly 7am.

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    lacedancer Guest
    That is similer to my situation, exept the senior Manager has implied false performance rumors to our CEO and DM, I did not realize he had been doing this in his attempt to give his buddy my job, and the only way to do it is to lie to his superiors

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