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    Unhappy How Many days consecutive can a company require work

    What is the name of your state? Kentucky

    I work for one of the many automotive component suppliers in the Hopkinsville area, My department at work is going into its third straight week of 12 hour days, 7 days a week. We are dying for a weekend. Isn't there some sort of standard to what a employer can require? If we are allowed a day off, they are'nt letting on like they want us to know about it. People are getting very short fused in this place. I see them more than I see my wife and kids, and frankly I'm sick of looking at them.

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    State law governs whether an employer is limited in the number of consecutive days or the number of hours in a day that they may require an employee to work. Unfortunately, Kentucky does not put any restrictions on them. In Kentucky (and frankly in quite a lot of other states) you can be required to work 24/7/365 and it would be legal.

    I don't blame you for being upset and I'm not saying I agree with working employees that hard. But your employer is not violating any laws.

    The one thing you don't mention but I'll throw out for your consideration, is that Kentucky law requires that if you work 7 days in a work week, you must be paid for the 7th day at time and a half. If this is not happening, you might want to bring that law to your employer's attention.

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    Tuckybuckmaster Guest
    The good news is that the 7th day is double, the problem I have finnally come to realize, is like the old saying "you cant take it with you when your gone". Thanks for the reply, i was under the impression that we could only be required to go 14 days straight without a day off.

    P.s. I hope my company doesnt find out about the 24/7/365 thing, they just might try it.

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    And you are free to try looking for other employment.

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    Good Jobs in this town are like honest car salesmen, few and far between. I moved to this state because the people here are so much nicer than where I came from, I just wasn't ready for the difference in the way the employers treat their people. You see, we are only about 10 miles from Fort Campbell Military Base, and the local companies love to hire all the ex-drill seargeants and such to manage the people. My plant production manager is what you probably envision when you think of a drill instructor, minus the flat brimmed hat. (the army probably wouldnt let him keep it) And he's got the people skills to match. But thats the way it is here.

    BTW, I appreciate the informative posts regarding the laws and statutues of this Commonwealth ( or lack thereof! )

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