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    Thecbatkins Guest

    Angry Men With Long Hair In The Workplace

    What is the name of your state? SC

    I was interviewed for a job today and after about 20 minutes into the interview, I was asked about my hair.The interviewer new that I had long hair as soon as I walked in, but still started the interview.He then told me that there was a rule in the employee handbook that said male employees could not have hair past a certain length.Was this position only for men?If not, did the employee handbook have the same hair requirement for women?The interviewer was obviously interested if he asked me about my hair after already talking to me about my schooling and previous work history.Is there anything I can do?

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    hexeliebe Guest
    Yes, outside of not asking a question regarding the type of workplace and health and safety regulations or based on gender or sexual bias, you can cut your hair.

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    I suspect your unasked question is if women are allowed to have long hair at work and men aren't, is this discrimination? The answer is no. Courts have upheld that an employer may enforce a dress code based on "norms of attire" for the different genders. That means that men can be prohibited from having long hair and earrings and women can be required to wear skirts and dresses. (That said, many employers' dress codes have gotten considerably more flexible on these issues over the past decade.)

    We've had many posts here from guys hollering about discrimination when they were told they couldn't wear their earrings to work - interestingly, I've never seen any of them offer to start wearing pantyhose to work to demonstrate their committment to gender equality in attire.

    In any event, if this is a safety requirement, ask the employer if pinning it up or covering your hair with a cap or hairnet is an option. (Long hair in an environment with industrial and related equipment has caused some of the most dreadful accidents you could ever imagine.) If it's simply a dress code policy, then your options are to cut your hair or take a pass on the job.

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    hexeliebe Guest
    Joe Nameth took care of that in 1969

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    But you'll notice he hasn't worn them since...

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    hexeliebe Guest
    Probably a smart idea I hate the damn things, always drooping and they don't breath and my hair always pops out of the holes....

    Not the stockings with a garter belt, that's the ticket

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    My response:

    Beth, I don't see where our writer mentioned the type of employment. For all we know, the writer could have been applying for a position at an all male nude bar, and it's really not "head" hair that he's talking about. Hair down to his knees might be a little too much.

    Hey, how can you tell which is the bride at a Polish wedding?

    She's the one with the braided pubic hair!


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    Gross, IAAL.

    You are correct that the writer never mentioned what type of employment he had interviewed for. I was just trying to cover all the bases.

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    hexeliebe Guest
    Just so everyone knows, this poster contact me offline and one hippy to the other, he realizes that it's not an issue worth fighting.

    Now about that pubic hair, was it french braids or cornrows?

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    You posted to a thread that's over 5 years old...

    Start your own thread to ask your question.

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    religious discrimination?


    I had a similar experience, taken a step further
    then what you have described here....

    After the interview (In my case nearly an hour and a half)
    I was informed that company policy did not allow for males
    to wear hair below the collar as a part of dress code.
    I simply responded that this was quite easy for me to achieve,
    especially with the use of a kepah-
    the traditional Hebrew small cap.

    The response was, I quote
    "We don't want to offend your religious sensibilities
    but we don't think that will be acceptable."

    At this, I protested-
    for although my hair is long, I have never
    had any problem wearing it above my collar
    for any jobs that I have that required it
    (and there have been quite a few...)
    And the exact wording of the policy did not mention hair length
    instead only stating it could not be worn past the collar.

    I stayed calm, but was insistant for a long period of time,
    explaining how I had dealt with this obstacle in the past.
    They clearly were not going to go against the policy however
    and kept passing me off to a higher in charge.
    Finally frustrated, they dismissed me by saying-
    "We don't want to offend your religious sensibilities
    but we don't care if it offends your religious sensibilities-
    it is not acceptable under the companies policy."

    So is there anyone who could offer advice
    as to whether this would constitute discrimination?

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    No really, don't hijack 6 year old dead threads. Start your OWN thread if you have a question!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecmst12 View Post
    No really, don't hijack 6 year old dead threads. Start your OWN thread if you have a question!!!!
    I got sucked into that one. That polish joke had me rolling.

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