What is the name of your state? California

I have been employed by a major retail company for two years. One year ago, I was offered a manager-in-training (MIT) position in the store where I was a sales associate. I took the promotion and began my training. A few days later, I found out I was pregnant, and the store manager told me I could no longer be an MIT due to the fact that my situation would inhibit my performance. I called HR, there was a huge investigation, and I was restored to my MIT position quickly. I decided to remain in my store and train until the baby was born, so it was agreed that I would be placed as a merchandise manager when I returned in April.

However, there was a major change in upper management just before my baby was born. When all settled, I was pulled into the store manager's office and told that MIT positions no longer exist and I was just out of luck. I had been managing in that store for 8 months and paid the regular associate pay. Now they tell me I never was in a program?! I let it go for a few months and am looking for other employment. However, there are now 3 new MIT's in the store I work in, but for me, there is no program. I feel very wronged by this, and I have approached the upper management staff including the District manager, but I am being avoided and given the run around.

I feel I deserve the management pay for the work I did for the past year and I deserve the promotion I trained for all those months. There is a note on my file that states my training was complete in January. Am I entitled to my promotion and/or pay for the past year in that position?
Please help!!!!