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    mowpaman Guest

    Southern Discrimination

    What is the name of your state?Virginia
    I was born up in Massachusetts and moved down to virginia at 11, at 18 I was station in New Jersey so I have retained my northern accent some-what.I am not of hispanic descent, but sometimes people get confused about my heritage. My mom is part Portuguese and my dad part Indian.For the past year or so I have felt like I was being harrassed and discriminated against, but nothing hit me as hard as I was hit Friday. One of my co-workers placed a bumper sticker up in plain view that said scary (southern citicens against relocating yankees) with a rebel flag on it. Other things that lead me to beleive I am discriminated on is the fact that with 10 years seniority and going on 6 years in the maintenance dept, not only am I the lowest paid, but the Machine Operators make more an hour than I do.
    Another thing happened this past summer when I got wrote up for leaving a lock-out tag on a machine. This has happened to at least 2 other maintenance men on more than one occasion, yet If you check mthe records I am the only person to ever be wrote up for this infraction. It don't stop there, only 1 month later one of the other technicians was doing some wiring work and had no tag or lock on the circuit.I found this out when the technician asked me to flip the switch so he could try out the motor. When I turned on the switch a cooling fan came on as well, having this being summer someone could of flipped the switch at anytime. When I told the supervisor who was assisting he just said that he was glad to see that writing me up had made me more concious about safety.
    There is a whole lot more but I don't want to make this too long or boring to most. I will say that my nerves are really wound-up and I don't know if I should see a shrink or a lawyer, or which one would do the most good.I am attaching the bumper sticker picture.Yeah, it got me so mad I went back and took a picture. I really need help. If you made it this far thank you for your time and concern. Donnie

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    sonofamoo Guest
    where do you think the term dumbasss came from?

    People noticed a lot of strange behavior in the south!!

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    So it's your premise you're being discriminated against because you were born in a northern State? Place of birth within the U.S. is not a protected classification.

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    mowpaman Guest
    How about harrasment? Does't that cover anything that makes one feel uncomfortable in the work place?

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    Nope. It is perfectly legal for them to give you a hard time because they perceive you as a Yankee. I'm not saying it's right, just that it's not illegal.

    (The laws that define what constitutes prohibited harassment are the very same that define what constitutes illegal discrimination - harassment is simply a form of discrimination.)

    There is nothing to prevent you from going to HR or the appropriate manager and complaining about how you are being treated however.

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    mowpaman Guest
    Thank you for your help.

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