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    cuddlemebugg Guest

    what happens after unsuccessful eeoc mediation

    What is the name of your state? tx Went to eeoc mediation on a perceived disability case and nothing was resolved. The eeoc is doing an investigation of the claim. What do we do next? Our lawyer won't take the case until I am terminated in writing,which was agreeed to at mediation. That was two weeks ago. I have not heard from the employer as of this date. now what? any info will be appreciated. thanks

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    You can't do anything until the EEOC gives you a "right to sue" letter, assuming the determine there is probable cause to believe prohibited discrimination occurred. If that happens, it will be at the end of their investigation, whenver that may be.

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    the wise one Guest

    after mediation

    my dear Beth3 is so right, the only thing you could by chance do at this point is wait it out...The state of Texas is something else if you know what i mean, from some of the case laws i have viewed they will take forever and a day to investigate the claimed you filed with them, however, do as the lawyer says just hang in there and wait until they terminated you. then you will have a little ground to stand on. i no it's hard but these are" our laws". that sometimes work against us rather than "work for us". there are lawyers that specilize in that field. EEOC or TCHR( Texas Commision of Human Rights) will be more than happy to send you a referral list.
    good luck!!!
    i too live in texas

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    KYSassy Guest
    Don't feel bad, I went to mediation and we signed an agreement.
    My employer has yet to comply with his end of the deal. So, just know that even had your mediation been "successful" it wouldn't mean that you would be any better off than you are now.

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    the wise one Guest



    please tell me this concerning your mediation, if he signed an agreement with you, can you legally sue him? if not what is the purpose of mediation. you have me a little hestitant to try mediation now. that's why i like these forums because you can truly get down to the nitty-gritty.thanks for scaring that with us

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    cuddlemebugg Guest
    wise one if you are scheduled for mediation, go. it will be an eye opening experience to sit there and listen to your employer tell bald face lies and make false statements about you. makes you wonder if the system is for real and works as advertized, for us who have a legitimate case. somehow i feel using the laws of our country only include a certain segment of society, the very rich and the very poor. we that are the middle class are forgotten . i am still waiting to be terminated by my employer as of this posting, i wonder if it is to their benefit not to let me go? hope you case goes faster

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    the wise one Guest

    Thumbs up mediation

    thanks for advice bug, i will go because i too just like you just can't wait to hear all those lies they will be telling because they are telling them already. yes it is" cheaper to keep you". I have found out through my employer that if they fire you they will still have to pay your unemployment wages, that's why they try to make people "quit".
    the state of texas has very sad values here. i am from the south so the stigma is new to me, yes i will by all means keep you posted upon their findings and lies.

    the good people always seem to get the shaft now a days

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    cuddlemebugg Guest
    wise one the person who mediated my charge was from houston tx, and was very familiar with the laws of our state. in general what he said is that i am lucky to be in the el paso area as they have a lite case load and have an office here in town. although it may take awhile for the initial investigation by eeoc to be performed, the proceess is fast here in el paso after that. hope your part of texas has an office nearby.

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