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    14 yr old granddaughter does not want to live with either parent

    What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? Nebraska
    My 14 year old granddaughter does not want to live with either parent. Dad had custody until a year ago when there was a temporary change of custody to Mom. There is not a stable home environment in either home.

    Both parents are remarried. Dad is in an on/off relationship with his wife and is continually moving which means changing schools often. This has contributed to my granddaughter having low self-esteem and poor academic grades. She is way behind in learning level for her age.

    Mom is emotionally unstable with a verbal and physically abusive husband. To my knowlege, he has only been verbal with my granddaughter.

    She is unhappy in either situation. She would prefer to live with either set of grandparents. What are the chances we could get this accomplished in court?

    Thank you.

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    Has anyone suggested this to her parent's, if they are willing she could be placed with grandparents. If they are not, then it is possible to request a guardian ad litem be appointed, one reason might be that her learning disabilities require a stable environment, remember people get real defensive when talking about accusations of abuse and many teenagers are emotionally upset, many also live with grandparents for the same reasons.

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    This issue just arose over the weekend. My granddaughter was at visitation with Dad. When Mom goes to pick her up, my granddaughter told her that she did not want to go home with her. (BTW: parents do not live in the same town) Mom had to involve law enforcement to get the granddaughter in the car to bring her home.

    Upon arrival back home, Mom brings her out to me. In discussing this with my granddaughter, I find out that Dad took her to a lawyer and they filled out paperwork for him to regain custody. This is not what she wants.

    I want what is in her best interest, which in my opinion, is not either of the parents. I will be contacting an attorney this morning to see how we can block the change of custody and what our other options may be. I also intend to contact Health and Human Services to see about placing her in foster care with either set of grandparents.

    I have a good relationship with the other grandparents and feel they would provide her with a safe and loving environment, just as she would have in my home. It would be her choice where she wanted to go, if she is allowed a choice.

    Thank you

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    Hallejuah! Both sets of grandparents get along and are not also having a control battle going on and are able to set aside their personal feelings and natural bias to forward the best interest of the child. If you get along with the other grandparents, have you discussed this possibility with them and if so, a united front might have more weight. Do both sets of grandparents live in the same town or close?

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