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    abusive father, how to get custody

    What is the name of your state? texas

    i was adopted by my grandparents from my birth mother when i was a month old. afterward she had several other children. about eight years ago she died, and her husband has been abusive to teh children since. he receives social security income for all of them but spends it on crack. the police have yet to intervene because his new girlfriend is friendly with them in the town, and it is a very small town police force.

    the youngest son is now 16, and his father beats him often, and wishes to kick him out. my grandfather is my adopted father, and has been in that place before we were all born, despite not fathering our true mother. he wishes to adopt my youngest brother as well and get him out of that environment.

    will he have trouble doing this? they have a secure home, are retired individuals, and both wish him to live there. what steps would he need to take to have the boy seized, or to gain custody if the father puts up a fight. all children except for the youngest girl are badly scarred from their father's beatings, as he whips them with anythign he can, ranging from belts, belt buckles, and swithes, I suspect with his fist too. the youngest girl and boy are the only ones who have not yet turned 18 to move out.

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    does anyone know if its possible to get custody at all for him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndnicks
    does anyone know if its possible to get custody at all for him?
    Maybe this website could help you out. [url]http://www.911family.com/[/url]

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