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    Can parents kick out a 17 year old against his will?

    Let me start off by saying that I am a 17 year old male living with my parents in Michigan. From what I have gathered, I cannot be kicked out against my will, and if I am, my parents must financially support me. What I am asking for is legal advice for a 17 year old. Yesterday my mother was making threats and as each one fell to deaf ears, she kept upping the ante and arrived at the consequence of kicking me out. She did not specifically say the words but she insinuated it. I am almost positive her threats were just scare tactics but I would like to be confident should another situation occur.

    I want my bases to be covered before I make a reaction. I was quite upset with a sneaky, vindictive action she took today but before coming home with guns blazing, I calmed down and browsed the web for legal advice (and found this site). When stating the laws please try and refrain from making negative comments or assumptions. You do not know me or my family, in fact, I could go into great detail of 26 years of factual history (starting at my eldest sister's birth). I don't feel that is needed at this point, but if you need a specific question answered I will be happy to comply.

    Again, I am not looking to start trouble; I just want to know if I have to bite my tongue the next time my mother threatens me with such a thing or if I can have the confidence and legal backing to retort her threat. I have an understanding of what life will be like for me if I were to be kicked out, and I do not desire it to happen, but I also do not desire for my mother to walk all over me if legally she can't kick me out. If she believes she can, and the police come to my house, can they remove me based solely on her wishes? If I were to refuse, can I be arrested? Once again, if you have any further questions please ask, and thankyou.

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    They might not be able to legally boot you out, but they CAN legally remove all your property, the door to your room, your clothes, stereo, TV, radio, computer, feed you only Top Ramen for every meal, put you in clothes from Goodwill, etc. You better hope they don't get creative.

    And have fun on your own at age 18.

    - Carl

    A Retired Nor Cal Cop Sergeant

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    Seek justice,
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    Walk humbly with your God

    -- Courageous, by Casting Crowns ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkM-gDcmJeM
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