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    Citation for Possession of Alcohol...

    What is the name of your state? Pennsylvania

    So this past memorial day weekend, a friend and I went to a party. The party was at this lake about 45 min. away from where we lived. Apparently, my friends knew there was going to be alcohol, but I didn't. Anyway, we went and nothing happened until about 10 at night when the people that were throwing the party decided to bring out the alcohol. The person that threw the party was also a minor (20 years old) and he obtained the alcohol through a friend. Anyway, my friend and I don't drink, so we decided to leave the party about a good 20 min. after the drinking started. Since it was near a lake and in a wooded area, my friend and I were walking through this wooded area to get to his car so we could drive home. After about few minuets of walking, a cop came and busted the party. Me and my friend thought it was stupid to try and avoid the cop, so we went right up to him and told him about the party and we were just leaving. They kept us in the area for awhile to write down our information, and he let us leave. He told us though, that we would be receiving a citation in the mail, but did not say what for.

    Anyway, today in the mail, I received 2 citations. One for disorderly conduct (which I'm not too worried about at this moment), and the other for possession of alcohol. The fine for the alcohol was significantly cheap, only being $100. But doesn't that go against your license? Especially since my friend and I our minors (we're both 17). He also has his license, but I don't (I only have my permit). I read in a drivers manual that it is an automatic 90 day suspension on the license. So, would this citation for sure mean that his license will get suspended for 90 days, and I would have to wait another 90 days to get mine? And, would there be any hope for us to fight it? Honestly, we weren't drinking. How would we be considered in possession when it wasn't ours, and we weren't relatively near it. And we were just on our way to leave. We didn't do anything wrong, so is there any hope for us?

    Thank you.

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    You are not charged with drinking alcohol.

    You are charged with possession of alcohol.

    If I were you, I'd consult a lawyer as soon as possible.

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    Ok, my mom is going to get ahold of one for me. Um, do you think that these charges could possibly be dropped or reduced?

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    You and your friend, both non-drinkers, went to a party where he knew there would be drinking, and you didn't? Your parents better make sure you have excellent legal representation because I don't think anyone is going to believe you. It doesn't make sense that a couple of 17 year olds would go to a party where they know there was going to be drinking, then just walk out when it started. Come on now.

    You should have left the party the moment the alcohol was brought out. I'm kind of curious as to why the others wanted you there. Young people are notorious for trying to get non-drinkers to "Just have one." The smart teetotaler avoids those situations altogether.

    And don't be so cavalier about the disorderly conduct. If you left without drinking, why were you charged with disorderly conduct?

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