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    Minor in Possession of Alcohol - PA

    This question pertains to Pennsylvania Underage Drinking Law....

    I have a 20 yr old daughter who "tailgates" in Philadelphia for the concerts and sporting events with her friends. Plain clothes state police and Philadelphia police have "raided" their area in the past and had the minors dispose of the alcohol and they are issued citations, and must appear in court. To my knowledge my daughter has never been cited but here is my question.
    I know several of her friends who have had a minimum of 3 citations in the last year and they are only ever given a fine and/or community service. One has been required to take alcohol classes, but never have they lost their licenses.
    Is it because they weren't driving that their licenses are suspended?
    Are they just being given light sentences.
    I am just curious because it seems that if the consequences aren't severe the actions will continue and noone learns.

    Any information you can give would be appreciated...just trying to educate myself on this. TIA.

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    Will she be punished if she's caught? No one knows. But COULD she? Absolutely.

    Read the answer from a PA police officer:
    [url=http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080301203549AAKNvvs]Underage drinking consequences in Pennsylvania? - Yahoo! Answers[/url]

    Or from the PA underage drinking web site:
    [url=http://www.18andthelaw.org/Legal_Information/Underage_drinking.asp]Underage drinking - D.U.I. legal information for teens[/url]

    The results?

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