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    NYS Law regarding Parents responsibilities

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

    NYS Law

    What are the ages parents are resposible for your male and female children until.
    I heard females until 21yrs whether in school or not
    I heard malee until their 18yrs and doesn't matter if they are in school or not.
    Is this true if not what is the law?

    My son is 18yrs and ran off to live with his estranged dad we have another child together who is 12yrs, but he is still ignoring him, but he wants to terminate all financial responsibilities for both children because our 18yr ran off with him a few weeks ago
    Is this possible?

    I appreciate any help or advice your able to offer
    Thank You

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    You heard wrong.

    Your 18 year old is free to move away and live where he chooses.

    It does not impact Dad's support obligations to your other children.

    If dad thinks that he is trying to bamboozle you, and you should make sure he has a rude awakening.

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    However, it is possible that the order will change, to reflect the fact that the 18yo no longer lives with Mom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stealth2 View Post
    However, it is possible that the order will change, to reflect the fact that the 18yo no longer lives with Mom.
    Exactly. NY is a little unusual. Like many states, the child becomes an adult at age 18 and can choose where to live. At the same time, the state requires parents to support their offspring until the age of 21 in most cases. That leads to the result that NCP may be supporting an adult.

    If the child moves out at age 18, NCP is still legally obligated to pay support to CP. However, it is possible to go to court to have support terminated if the 'child' has permanently left CP's home.

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