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    30 day notice when being kicked out?

    My husband and I were renting out a room in a person's house in CT for about a year and a half. We never signed a lease they just told us to stay as long as we needed to. Well, on Dec 16 they told us we needed to leave because we weren't being social enough. Again, no one signed anything they just said we needed to go. So we complied and moved out on Jan 12. We paid for a full months rent on Jan 1 since we did not have an exact date we were leaving. When we moved out the landlord refused to return the half months rent that we did not use claiming that rent was only done month to month (even though they pro-rated us for moving in...) Can they do this since they kicked us out? thanks

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    Sue in Small Claims court for the unused * 18 days rent.

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    in some stated the landlord would have still needed to evict you because of the time frame you lived there and the fact you paid rent. Do you have receipts from landlord or copies of canceled checks to prove you paid rent. A copy of a money order will not do since it does not provide proof of who cashed the money order.

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    Per Connecticut's Landlord/Tenant laws, you were a month to month tenant by default.

    Either party is required to give one full rental period notice to terminate the tenancy. If the landlord gave you notice on December 16th, it did not go into effect until December 31. You would have had to move out on or before January 31.

    The landlord has no obligation to pro-rate the rent for a month to month tenancy.

    Legally, yes, they can do this. They did not kick you out. They asked you to leave and you left willingly.

    You can try the Small Claims route, but you may not win.

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