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    Question Am I legally bound to my lease if it is not signed by mangement?

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Florida

    My husband and I signed a 12 month (well technically a few days over a year) lease. For the record, they leasing office has changed the dates (move-in/move-out) twice yet we haven't seen or signed an updated lease.

    The currentt lease we have is signed by a witness but not Management. Yet it says, "This lease will become effective when the attached application for residency is approved by property manager." So does that mean it is not effective?

    Also, if money has not exchanged hands and we have not received the keys to the apartment, are we legally bound to it?

    They are telling us that we are financially obligated because we signed the lease.

    "Since your lease was signed, you agreed to assume the obligation of paying rent in this time frame. Unfortunately, you will not be able to be released from the contract. Therefore, even if you do not take possession of the keys, it is still your responsibility to fulfill the financial obligations of your lease agreement."

    But I thought according the law it is not legally binding without the landlord's/management's signature (as I have been told twice already)?

    I just want to really make sure. I'm wondering why they would tell us this unless they don't realize the technicality.

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    If mgmt can produce a lease signed by YOU in court - you are bound.

    You need to write them that you do not have a copy and since the contract was amended without your permission, you are cancelling the contract....see if that works!

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