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    Boyfriend trying to kick me out- can he?

    What is the name of your state? Ohio

    Hello, I live in Columbus, Ohio with my (ex) boyfriend and my daughter and his daughter. He recently decided that things weren't working out and that I should leave. I am ok with leaving because I moved in here, so it's his place. The thing is, he wants me out immediately and I am not prepared to do that. I did not sign a lease, but my daughter and I are listed as occupants on the lease, as my landlord says. I also have proof that I've paid rent on a regular basis (proof would be cancelled checks not money order stubs). Can he just make me leave? Or would he have to give me 30 day notice.

    Also, here's where it gets very messy, he's legally married but he's been separated from his wife for almost a year and since I'm supposed to be leaving, he's contacted her and she's agreed to come back. Unfortunately he did not discuss with me how long I would be allowed to gather my things. He tells me she's coming her regardless if I'm here or not and I'm not comfortable with that. Can I call the police and get a restraining order against her? I do not feel safe around her, nor do I want to leave before I can take all of my belongings. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    What would your legal basis be for trying to get a restraining order against her?

    I mean realistically, how much time do you need to get your things together and go? I mean, he would have to probably go through the process of legally evicting you, however, he can move his wife into his home while in the process, then you and your daughter get to be the witness (audio and visual) of him doing his wife in the next room.

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    Because YOU are on the lease, but not the 'wife', you can contact your landlord, if she moves in, about an 'extra' person in the apartment. THAT piece of information may not go so well.

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    You say you're not prepared to leave immediately .

    Does that mean you've paid Dec.'s rent ?

    I would try and get out of there if at all possible , and be done with it .

    Legally you would have to be evicted and not by him , but your LL .

    Give the LL the heads up on the wifey , and hopefully the LL will interject until you're out of there .

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