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    baja74vw Guest

    Breaking a Lease Early? Loud Neighbors!!

    I live in Grand Forks, ND.
    I moved here and signed a 1 year contract with a large apartment complex. I am 8 months into it and will be moving because of the loud parties the neighbors have. My girlfriend, who lives with me, works at 5am and can not sleep because of the load music bumping through the wall till 6am. We have tried to ask the neighbors to turn it down, but that only got us a #@!* You! The lease states that noise must be kept to a minimum after 10pm, but the neighbors on both sides of us do not follow that rule. We have called the office to complain many times, and they do nothing. We have even call the police 3 times after fights break out in front of our house and the party goers urinate on our porch.
    We gave our landlord 30days notice on our intent to leave. The lease states that if we break our lease early, we must pay a set $515 re-rental fee. We asked them to please let us out without the fee, but they countered with evicting one of the loud apartments and stating they (the management) had done nothing wrong. They are holding us to the fee. They have no record of the times we called them (how convenient!) and state there are no recorded calls to the police from our apartment! We call the police records office and the have 3 calls from us on record.
    I am a full-time college student and my girlfriend works early hours. The lack of sleep for her has hurt her job performance and our relationship. We need to move to a quieter apartment!! The $515 fee is more than we can pay. This apartment complex has a waiting list and this apartment will be filled in no time.
    Also, we gave our 30 days on 4/21/03. Can we pay our rent for next month prorated through 5/22?
    Thanks for your time. Please advise me on what we can do.

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    nhunsb1 Guest
    Get everything in writing next time.

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