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    jbudka Guest

    Question can I pay late rent before court date?

    I live in Michigan and I recieved a summons for non-payment of rent, the thing is I can now pay the late rent. My court date isn't until march 14, if I pay my landlord before then can the eviction process be stopped??Please help....

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    nycitie Guest
    NO if you Dont show up in court on the 14th and show the judge a reciept for the FULL amount that the landlord asked for...the FULL amount that maybe more then just the rent.

    and YES if you do show up in court on the 14th, and show the judge a reciept for the FULL amount the landlord has asked for

    In other words plan on NOT to going to work on the 14th.

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    jbudka Guest

    Can i still be evicted?

    Thanks for your reply, I have never received a summons for this before and I am not really sure how to handle this..If someone could let me know how not to get evicted.Like I said I can pay the late rent by the court date, but will this stop me from getting evicted??

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    nycitie Guest
    do you have a lease?

    If you pay everything that the landlord asks for in the summons by the court date, then what can the landlord evict you for? Nothing!

    Unless you havent paid march's rent on time then he can start this all over again, and if you dont pay on time for a few months HE CAN ask a court to evcit you as a "Nuisance" and they will usually grant him the eviction notice to get a marshall to kick your butt out the door!

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    If you do pay landlord - before you do - ask for a "stipulated judgement" - meaning you stipulate that you owned the money AND he stipulates it has been paid. This is filed with the court and should stop the process.

    Don't just pay the money and think that ends it....it very well may NOT end it.

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    CUDALIS Guest
    i think it would be foolhardy to ignore any legal papers. what if you pay the rent to the landlord, and they never let the court know. the landlord appears in court- you don't, then they win by default because you no-showed. next the eviction. i say, go to court.

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