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    MKIrwin Guest


    it has come to our attention that our landlord has asked other tenents to keep records and take pictures of other residents. we do not know the reasons why, but we have been informed that a files is being keep on some of the tenents. is this legal? can we request to see the files?

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    dj1 Guest
    MAYBE...but you didnt tell us where you live and what is your living situation, drugs, prostitution, crime....or an Illegal sublets in New York City.....

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    MKIrwin Guest

    known circumstances

    i aplogize for not giving all of the relavent information. we are in cuyahoga falls, ohio, in a corporate owned town house community, the person attempting to recruit people is the complex manager. to the best of my knowledge there is no illagal activity going on, no noise complants. the only issue that may be of some concern is a dog not being on a leash on occasion. i do not want to speculate as to the motives but it seems to be purely personal. can this person have neighbors keep records of the habits of other tenents, when they are home and not. who is coming over and how long do they stay. is this an invation of privacy?

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    dj1 Guest
    I would report this to the police and then see what the manager has to say**************.

    In NYCity landlords can install video cameras INSIDE the building pointed at tenants doors....

    We are under a system called rent stabilizaion, and if a landlord can catch an Illegal subletter, he could legally decontrol the apartment and that could possibly Double or triple the regulated rent...

    so that is a very good incentive to spy!

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