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    Eviction without a lease?

    What is the name of your state? Maryland
    My sister in law is trying to kick out her daughter (not a minor) and the daughter states that the mother cannot kick her out because she gets mail delivered there. Is this for real?? Apparently when the mother called the police to get the daughter out - the police officer told them that they could not do anything because the daughter was getting mail there and therefore she could not be kicked out without following an eviction procedure. i don't get the idea that someone could just move into someone elses house - get mail delivered there - and not be kicked out. Could i just pick an address - get my mail delivered there and then move in and they can't kick me out?? i don't get it. Any help would be appreciated!

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    i believe the assumption with the mail thing is that the person is there with the owners permission, so even if the owner is now taking permission away, they have to "evict" the person properly not just throw them out on the street at their whim.

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    that sounds really strange. you would think that b/c it's immediate family (her own daughter) that it's not so much a business thing anymore, but something personal.

    i don't even know why i'm putting my two scents in, i just think that's really odd.

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    Your friends daughter is a lawful resident of the house.

    Mom can't just "kick her out"

    It has nothing to do with mail, but it is one of the things that clearly points to the house as being her domicile.

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    When there is no written lease agreement, the state creates a LL/T relationship on a month to month basis. This is for the protection of both parties. So no, mom cannot just boot child out with no notice. She will have to give the minimum required notice per state law - WRITTEN not verbal. Usually 30 days. If kid is not out by then, she will have to evict through the courts.

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