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    Sonia Krampitz Guest
    Need information about the Florida eviction process.

    I have four more months left on my lease. My roommate moved out and I released him from the lease. I have lost my job but am actively seeking a new one. I have asked my brother to lend me the money to tie me over and have notified the apartment management that my rent would be late and that I would pay the late fee assessed. They told me that the late fee was $75 and that, along with the rent, it is to be paid by money order, although I have never been late before nor have I bounced any checks. The management also informed me that if rent is not paid in full by May 8th, a notice to vacate will be posted on my door.

    Are they not supposed to give me a reasonable amount of time to remedy the situation under Florida landlord/tenant law? And what is a reasonable amount of time in the eyes of the law? Is it only 8 days?

    If I make a partial payment would it show good faith? Can it be refused?

    What may I do to delay an eviction process until I am able to solve my cash flow situation?

    Please help me. Believe me, it is appreciated!

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    mary hartman Guest
    Well you just screwed yourself......nice going

    Why did you relase the roomate from the lease?

    By doing that YOU owe ALL the rent, and it will be on YOUR credit record and YOU wont be able to sue the roomate for 1/2 of the rent money that they would LEGALLY owe you.

    Why on earth did you do such a dumb thing?

    Yes 8 days is enough time to get the landlord the rent,

    Also unless $75 is stated in the lease a landord cannot make up charges like late fees out of thin air...

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    Sonia Krampitz Guest
    Reason for the release: pending injunction. This roommate and I just did not get along. I rather he not have access to the apartment, my belongings or my person. This was the fastest way for him to turn in his key and gate card to the apartment management and not have access.

    I have contacted a roommate matching service and have informed the apartment management of my intention to secure a new roommate (subject to their approval, of course).

    Could anyone please give me any more ideas? Is there something else I should know that I'm not asking?

    Please help.

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    mary hartman Guest
    I cant think of anything YOU are responsible for all of the rent...since ONLy you are on the lease.

    Is the $75 late fee written in the lease? If not they cannot charge you for it.

    Aslo if they deny you a roomate, for some mickey mouse reason, then send them a certified letter saying the landlord has violated the lease terms and you hereby give your 30 days notice to move, and you expect them to do a move out report and to return your secuirty within 14 days., but be prepared for them to sue you for the balance of the lease.

    And of course they must try and re rent, and they cannot charge 2 people FULL rent on the same apartment either.

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