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    Exclamation how do get someone out of your home if they wont leave?

    What is the name of your state? Ca, La
    the son of my grandpas now deceased wife moved in to his estate with out permission or consent. he doesn't help out with any thing, cleaning, laundry, money for food especially rent. but even if he was paying RENT its not like my grandpa would need the money. any way my grandpa has repeatedly asked him to leave, yelled at him to get out...he doesn't want him to be there, i don't want you here, get out of my house. but "Gordon" arrogantly refuses to leave, and says he has a right to be there, doesn't have to leave, and laughs at him, i could go on and on. i cant stand for my grandpa to be put through this. among the 1000's of moral issues and concerns we have, we also have a legal case in the works, so with that in mind legally we have to do every thing by the books, not that i haven't morally wanted to go over there and beat the sh*t out of him, for now i cant. how do we get hin out of the estate and not able to return. i know it is his legal residents so there is some rules we have to follow in order to do that. what are the forms and processes we need. do we need a lawyer just to get him out? where can i get the forms. whats the best way to do this & is there any way to piss his off while doing so? thank you all for your time.
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    who owns the home?

    Google eviction procedures for the state where grandpa resides. (I assume that is where the unwanted moocher is as well??)

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