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    Terry2002 Guest

    I think my apartment is Bugged!!!!

    What is the name of your state? Phoenix/Arizona
    I live in a 4 plex and my landlord who lives next to me talks very loud on the phone to her boy friend, so many times I can hear her
    even if I don't want to. Last year I had trouble with my phone and the computer kept kicking off so I go a new number and line that runs right to the computer and phone. This worked well for a couple of months and then the problem came back. One night I heard the landlord on the phone say what I had been doing on the computer and in my apartment. The next night I left a radio turned down next to the computer and went to bed. The landlord almost always calls her boyfriend after I go to bed and she said I had gone to bed but had left a radio near the computer and told of other things I had done that day. I have checked the walls and do not see any cameras. A person who had lived in apartment 4 last year said the landlord had a cable installed in the attic last year and he thought that was how she knew what was going on in the apartments but didn't knoe how it worked. This is so upsetting and stressfull. What should and can I do? My think my apartment is bugged.

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    If this is what you believe is happening have you also looked in all your lights that are on ceiling to see if there is anything other than lightbulbs there ? last part is about your pc do you have your anti virus in good order to make sure there are no spy trojan and things like your network neighborhood disabled ?n the line that you had run into the unit for pc connection to where does that go ? like a box on the outside of the house ? if so has the box been disturbed ? last have you considered going to the trouble of thinking about getting even by making landlord think somehow you have done it back to her ? If your that serious there are devices you can purchase to sniff out cameras and listening devices .

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    MSWCCC Guest
    You're not alone. My landlord knows when we are home or not, even if he's not, and has let slip pieces of conversations my fiance and I have had in our bedroom. Several times we have caught him crouching under open windows, and he will claim to be checking something. Convenient for him, he lives on the property (his wood house, our mobile, two cottages, and a barm he rented to a business until they got tired of him bothering them and left). We also had to move our fridge to the porch, basically so he can spy. And not the back porch, the front one that is in direct line of view to his living room. It's really disturbing how he knows private conversations or if I'm online or on the phone with my mom. The neighbor's son accidentally told me they were being paid to watch us as well, such as how often we take our dog out (thank God there was no deposit for her or additional rent since he has many animals himself-and his own dog fathered a litter of puppies because he let his dog run loose-keeping them hidden has been really hard-they already know to lay and be quite in closets). I don't think you have proof that she's spying or bugged the place. See if you can get some somehow. Have a few friends come over for the night and do a few things she shouldn't know, like move certain things or have conversations about her in a place that should be private, like maybe some discussion on her and her boyfriend, something she is likely to tell him, but in voices quiet enough that she couldn't hear through the walls. Then go to bed, but all of you be listening. If she says something she shouldn't know, have them write up papers, photocopy them, then have them notorized, then call the sherriff and see if you can use the statements against her in a possible case. Good luck. She sounds pretty smart-bugging the place in a way you can't find, then having the conceit/ego/pride to let you know by taking right by where you sleep, since I'm sure she knows you hear her and are clueless about how to proceed.

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