What is the name of your state? FL

Bit of a long story but I'll keep it short. In the recent months my girlfriend and I have moved to Orlando,FL. We moved up here with 2 friends we had known for some time. After about 2 to 3 months of living with them conditions became unlivable. They become unemployed and would pay their share of rent late, as well as leave piles of garbage throughout the house. None of their share of bills was ever payed ontime. About the third month we wrote them a letter stating we wanted to either be relesed from the lease or them to move out due to unlivable conditions. We came home one day to find our belongings in the kitchen packed as well as a few cushions from our couch stripped away. My girlfriend went up to their room to see what they had done with our cushions, and as she knocked on the door our former roommate came out of the door and proceeded to kick my girlfriend in the stomach. My girlfriend retaliated and a short scuffle ensued. Police were called to the scene and no charges were filed, But apparently our former roomate filed a civil injunction on my girlfriend for repeat violence shortly after. She fabricated the entire repeat occurences claiming we returned to the apartment and threatened her life. Now the injunction clearly states my girlfriend cannot be within 500ft of the residency of the petitioner. It also states she cannot occupy the same residence. Obviously we could not live there in that case. We asked the apartment complex if we could be removed and they told us we would need a court order or roommate release. My question is this: Is the civil injunction not a court order ? It clearly states we cannot occupy the apartment and the petitioner refuses to sign a roommate release and now we believe she has roommates living illegally under our lease. Is there any recourse for us? Even if just she can get off the lease we can at least live somewhere else. It's impossible for us to get onto another lease without being off the current one, or so were being told by the apartments we're trying to apply for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.