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    Question Landlord intimidation/manipulation/coercion

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? OR

    I have a neighbor complaining that the landlord did something shady, like when she wanted her boyfriend to move in only allowed him to do so if her lease was completely rewritten or something similiar forcing her to extend the length of it in order for him to be allowed to live there at all on prop. Is there some sort of shady/coercion tactics someone could describe as tricks that are learned my mgt. I'm in process of reporting my info. to certain authories in conjunction with many other complaints, but I am trying to understad what happened to her. I'm trying to find out if forcing resigning of leases under threats of destroying your rental history if you move out by threats or this sort of thing has aname, or is clearly described somewhere(in a book, or on a web page, or if the tactics have names,). I really want to understand and clearly be able to refer to these things when speaking with authorities investigating.

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    It was the tenant who wished to make a change to the current lease, adding another tenant (the boyfriend) to it. Sounds like a new lease was written to include this. This is not illegal.


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    Its a form of negotiation tenant wants something LL counters with new terms and BTW tenants dont have the right to just have BF GF move in , LL is fully entitled to not only know who will be living in the unit but to have the tools to hold tenants responsible for actions. If a tenant doesnt like counter offered terms tenant can always just wait until lease is over and seek the change they wanted with a new LL.

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    It's not illegal.
    Neighbor can move.
    You're getting awfully upset about something that supposedly happened to a neighbor. A new twist on the "I'm trying to help a friend" schtick.
    Neighbor = you.

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    Sounds like you wanted your BF to move in and when your landlord wanted to revise the lease to include all people over the age of 18 living on the premises, you threatened to break your lease. At this point, your landlord informed you that you had a legally binding lease contract and terminating it would reflect negatively on your rental history.....correct?

    Well, sorry, he is within his rights... ANY landlord would be stupid not to revise a lease when another person moves onto the property. Increasing the lease terms is his/her option. If you do not like them, schedule to shack up with your BF when your lease ends.

    Reporting this story to authorities will not get you nominated for the smartest person on the block (being nice here).

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    Ho Ho Ho, Wouldn't YOU like to know ;)?
    It's not coercion and it's not illegal. The LL is giving "your neighbor" a viable choice: either sign a new lease to include the additional person or face having to move out for having an unauthorized additional occupant in the rental unit.

    The LL has every right to control legal access to those who occupy the property that he/she owns. The "neighbor" has a simple choice to make - either sign the new lease to authorize the additional occupant (and, quite likely, raise the rent to allow for it) or have their b/f stay at their own place (and the neighbor can stay there at HIS place more often) until the existing lease is up.

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